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(Extending Contest timing until 23rd June, followed to the official announcement
no.32/2023/HHTVN-VSS, date 7th June 2023)


2. General information :

2.1 Participants
College student have Architecture design and construction major from related Universities (No limit number of participants)
2.2 Contest time : 15th May ~ 23rd June 2023
2.3 Photo contest content
Picture of steel structure building or project in Vietnam.
2.4 Prize Structure
- 1 First Prize : 5 mil.VND/prize
- 1 2nd Prize : 3 mil.VND/prize
- 3 Consolation Prizes : 1 mil.VND/prize

3. Method of paticipation :

From 15th May to 23rd June, the participant send 1 picture to email address :
- Ms. Hà :
- Ms. Hồng :

Email tiltle : VSS_Fullname_Picture name
- Email content : - Name of picture
- Brief introduction about the picture (the building/ project)
- Full contact information of participant (Full name, Birthday, ID number, Student ID, cell phone number, Major-University name, Current address)

4. Method of evaluation :

Judge : Board members of Vietnam Steel Structure Club (VSS) & Posco Yamato Vina JSC
- Best picture which showed the steel structure function.
- Beautiful building/project using structure steel in Vietnam.
Method of Awards : will be informed within 26th June by email to the winners.
And the winner will be awarded at VSS July seminar in HaNoi (seft-sufficient in accommodation and transportation).
In case that the winner cannot participate to VSS seminar, the award will be transferred to the winner bank account which is submitted.

5. Other regulations :

- The pictures which would be sent not in contest timing (15th May ~ 23rd June 2023) will not be acceptable.
- The picture can be taken by any kind of cameras and cell phones.
- The participants have to commit to be owner of the picture which they submit for this contest and commit not to infringe the copyright of third parties.
- The participant must not violate the law and ensure the picture must not violate fine customs as well as the legal provisions.

- The Organizing Committee has the right to refuse the contest photo and refuse to award as well as revoke the prize if it is found that the contest photo violates one of the above regulations.
- The author must be responsible for any issue regarding to the copyright (if any). In all cases of conflict, The Organizing Committee will be the one who determine final decision.
- Contest organizer and Posco Yamato Vina may use the contest name and image for commercial advertising purposes without paying any cost to the contestant.

Vietnam Steel Structure Club

Extending contest time official
announcement no.32/2023/HHTVN-VSS